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Extract of technological regulations for bridge management

This overview is an extract from the technological regulations of the department published at the website of Slovak Road Administration.

This regulation applies directly to bridge management system and defines the common rules applicable to construction, maintenance and reconstruction of the road bridges. Several other regulations apply to bridge maintenance such as road restraint systems. It is necessary to pay attention to all approved TPR.


Extract of technological regulations of the department applicable to bridge management [PDF, 430 kB]


Technological conditions (TP) – technological processes, guidelines and principles processed, amended and revised in compliance with Slovak Technological Norms.


Marking of TP Name of TP
TP 001 Asphalt bridge ending [PDF, 1,39 MB]
TP 003 Forecasting of incidence of the defects on bridge capacity and setting residual lifetime of bridges [PDF, 274 kB]
TP 006 Evaluation of static consequences of defects on bridges made from prefabricated beams „Vloššák“ [PDF, 1,15 MB]
TP 008 Subsurface bridge ending [PDF, 151 kB]
TP 019
Documentation of road construction [PDF, 963 kB]
TP 026 Secondary protection of concrete construction [PDF, 345 kB]
TP 027 Design of strenghtening of concrete bridges [PDF, 361 kB]
TP 059 Designation and providing of the bridge diagnostics [PDF, 1,04 MB]
TP 060 Road network revision, maintenance and repair. Bridges [PDF, 420 kB]
TP 061 Catalogue of defects on motorway bridges, express roads and I.class, II. class and III.class roads [PDF, 16 MB]
TP 062 Special surface finishing on concrete bridge deck under isolation layer. Anchoring coating and sealing layer [PDF, 427 kB]
TP 063

Bridge drainage on road network [PDF, 2,22 MB]

TP 068 Anticorosion protection of bridge steel construction [PDF, 696 kB]
TP 075 Register of road bridges and footbridges [PDF, 1,42 MB]
TP 076 Monitoring of road bridges [PDF, 402 kB]
TP 077 System of bridge administration [PDF, 702 kB]
TP 081 Basic protection measures for restriction of influence of stray currents on bridge constructions in road network [PDF, 1,22 MB]
TP 104 Road bridges and foot bridges capacity [PDF, 828 kB]
TP 111
Technoloical documentation, inspections, maintenance and culverts repairs [PDF, 490 kB]
TP 113
Transitional areas of road and bride tunnels [PDF, 2,5 MB]


Technological – qualitative conditions (TKP) for construction, road repair, bridges, tunnels, other road objects and road equipment.

Marking of TP Name of TP
3 Culverts [PDF, 930 kB]
10 Arresting safety gear [PDF, 222 kB]

Concrete construction in general [PDF, 650 kB]


Boarding, scaffolging and support centering [PDF, 436 kB]


Armature for concrete [PDF, 549 kB]


Construction concrete [PDF, 628 kB]


Prestressed concrete constructions [PDF, 615 kB]


Steel constructions [PDF, 949 kB]


Steel construction protection against corosion [PDF, 561 kB]


Isolation bridge road system [PDF, 259 kB]


Bridge bearing [PDF, 467 kB]


Bridge ending [PDF, 335 kB]


Antinoise screen [PDF, 283 KB]



Catalog of road, bridge, tunnel, brick, hydraulic binder repairs etc.

Marking Material catalogue papers
KLMP 1/2019

Catalogue papers of bridge prefabricants [ZIP, 9,4 MB]

KLVM 1/2010

Catalogue papers of bridge roads [PDF, 273 kB]

KLMZ 1/2011

Catalogue papers of bridge endings [PDF, 1,29 MB]

KLML 1/2011

Catalogue papers of bridge bearings [PDF, 967 kB]

KLK KB 1/2013

Catalogue papers of construction concrete gravel [PDF, 713 kB]



Template papers of land routes sort certified construction details, with repetitive use, which proved at the road/bridge construction and keep certain standard of project preparation. Template papers are not obligatory, they can be supplemented by a special draft made by a project engineer if appropriately justified – e.g. by specific conditions of construction location, better technological capability proved abroad etc.

Marking Name of Template Paper
VL 4

Bridges [PDF, 4,11 MB]


Updated: 22.1.2020

Published: 29.11.2016



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