Before we begin: take a look at the processing of your personal data

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Personal data protection

Information on the processing of personal data in Slovak Road Administration:

1.    Provider:    

Name:             Slovak Road Administration (Slovenská správa ciest – further „SSC“)

Seat:                Miletičova 19, 826 19 Bratislava

IČO:                  0000 33 28

Phone number:           + 421 2/ 502 55 111 (exchange)

Web site:

Act No.18/2018 on personal data protection amending supplementary laws (further „Act“) is effective from 25. 05. 2018.

Therefore the provider has drawn up the documentation related to the Act on personal data protection which includes the assessment of the impact of the personal data protection with regard to character, scope and purpose of personal data processing and risks with varied probability and importance for the rights of the natural person. The provider implemented appropriate technological and organizational measures to ensure and demonstrate that the personal data protection is provided as per the Act. Respective mesures are to be updated where necessary.

2.    Responsible person at the provider:

Position:          main expert at crisis management department

Phone no.:          + 421 2/ 502 55 415


3.    Purpose of personal data protection processing:

SSC processing personal data protection respects the thepurpose limitation principle. Personal data are processed for limited and established purpose related to SSC activities as a budget organization established by the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunication of SR (successor being the Ministry of Transport and Development of SR) by the instrument establishing No. 5854/M-95 from 7th December 1995 and amended by MDPT SR No.100 on 11th May 2006 and decission No.86 from 22nd May 2008.

4.    Legal basis for personal data processing

Personal data processing is legal when provided as per minimum one of following legal basis:

  • person concerned agreed to Personal data processing for minimum one specified purpose,
  • Personal data processing is inevitable for the performance of the contract where one of the parties is the person concerned, or for the measures necessary for the implementation of the contract at the request of the person concerned,
  • Personal data processing is inevitable in compliance with specific directive or international contract binding the Slovak republic,
  • Personal data processing is inevitable for the protection of life, health or property of the person concerned or any other natural person,
  • Personal data processing is inevitable for the performance of the task in public interest or the exercise of public authority entrusted to the provider, or
  • Personal data processing is inevitable for the purpose of the legitimate interests of the provider or the third party unless such interests are overridden by the interests or rights of the person concerned requiring special protection of personal data, in particular where the datasubject is a child; this legal basis does not refer to personal data processing by national authorities in the performance of their tasks.

Legal basis of personal data processing for specific purposes in the information systems of the provider (SSC) is in detail stated in the records on processing activities of the provider. SSC is obliged to keep the Record on processing activities and on request submit it to the Office of Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.

5.    Provider‘s duties at the implementation of the rights of the person concerned:

the provider is obliged to implement appropriate measures and provide the person concerned with the information related to his/her personal data in brief, transparent, comprehensive and easily accessible form sufficiently clearly. The information must be in a paper or electronic form, generally in the same form as the application. The information may be provided in oral form if the person concerned shall prove his/her identity by other means.

6.    The rights of the person concerned:

a)    Right to have the access to their personal data,
b)    Right to refuse or withdraw the consent with personal data processing at any time,
c)    Right to rectificate personal data,
d)    Right to delete personal data,
e)    Right to restrict personal data processing,
f)    Right to portability of personal data,
g)    Right to object personal data processing,
h)    Right to initiate the proceedings at the Office for Personal Data Portection of SR

The rights of the persons concerned are detailed in § 19 to § 28 of the Act.

7.    Proceedings on the personal data protection

In case the person concerned considers his/her rights to be violated as a natural person when processing personal data, or the law or direction related to the personal data protection might have been violated, the concerned person is entitled to propose the initiation of proceedings on the personal data protection at the Office for Personal Data Protection.

8.    Data retention period:

SSC archives and stores personal data for the period established by the legislation in practise and Registry procedure and registry plan of SSC.

9.    Provider SSC does not transfer personal data to the third countries or international organizations.

10.    Provider SSC does not use automated individual decisions with profiling.


Updated: 23.5.2018

Published: 23.5.2018



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