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Bridge management

Bridge management and nearby objects, gangway and culverts, covers operationality and safety of the communication with effective and economic financial management.

Bridge has been the most important engineering achievement in road construction since the ancient times. It can be constructed from various materials (mostly ferroconcrete, prestressed concrete, steel construction, bricked construction etc.), various technologies (concreting, assemblage) with various span length up to several km), with varied number of suspended spans, dilatation section, various shapes, spanning obstacles such as rivers, roads, valleys, networks) and number of details visible only to the eye of an architecture lover.


M2584 Most cez inundačné územie pred obcou Sládkovičovo M422 Most cez Suchý Potok pred obcou Sládkovičovo M4365 Most cez potok Myslina za obcou Lúčky M4530 Most cez rieku Dudváh pri obci Sládkovičovo
M5742 Most cez Mlynský náhon - Važec M60 Most cez potok Krivé pred obcou Bogliarka M6983 Most nad železnicou M7905 Most cez potok Trnávka a miestnu komunikáciu v Trnave
M9518 Most cez Biskupický kanál a Váh M9521 Most cez rieku Poprad v Mníšku nad Popradom M9536 Most cez potok pred obcou Pusté Pole M9552 Most nad železnicou v Púchove
M9553 Most nad železnicou a cestou pred mestom Galanta M9554 Most cez potok Šárd pri meste Galanta M9556 Most cez Malý Dunaj - Zálesie M9558 Rekonštrukcia mosta nad bezmenným potokom
M9559 Most nad bezmenným potokom M9561 Most nad ulicou Tačevská na obchvate Bardejova M9562 Most cez rieku Topľa na obchvate mesta Bardejov M9564 Most nad údolím bezmenného potoka na obchvate Bardejova
M9565 Most nad cestou na obchvate Bardejova M9571 Most cez potok Jastrabec za obcou Svinica M9574 Most nad potokom Voňacie M9581 Most ponad Mitický potok


Updated: 19.3.2019

Published: 19.3.2019



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