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Technological standards of the Ministry of Transport

Projecting, construction and operation of road network (motorways, expess roads, roads) is governed by the norms from STN and other norms issued on two levels before 2003. One part was approved by MDPT SR – department of road traffic and land routes and another part by SSC. Both norms are valit at the same time.

Since 2004 all Technological standards of the Ministry of Transport (former technical measures/directives) and other regulation have been approved by MDV SR at the Department of road traffic and land routes.

In general Technological standards are:

-    technical conditions,
-    technical and quality conditions,
-    catalogue papers,
-    template papers of land routes construction.

For more information the contact person is:                                                   

Ing. Zuzana Drgon,, (02/502 55 447)

Information on uptodate STN, STN EN on website of ÚNMS SR:



Updated: 7.1.2019

Published: 27.11.2008



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