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Transport engineering


SSC requires 2 week notice about the date of the implemetation of traffic-engineering survey (DI) on I.class roads that have an impact on the crossroads of the I.class roads. The notice in written form shall be addressed to: Oddelenie dopravného inžinierstva, Slovenská správa ciest, Miletičova 19, 826 19 Bratislava or electronically at: and

The announced date of survey will be confirmed or an alternative earliest possible date suggested.

In case DI survey is not announced and confirmed as stated in above regulation and thus the survey is not possible to be checked, such survey and follow-up capacity assessment is not accepted by SSC.

Traffic engineering in SSC conditions solves international and national relations aimed at road traffic efficiency, fluency and safety. SSC organizes and provides traffic surveys, traffic engineering measurements on road network and border crossings, manages the methodology of automated traffic census.

SSC coordinates the requirements for city bypass construction, road section and crossroad capacity, processes development trends in road traffic, forecasts the traffic service growth on road network, manages the methodology of intelligent traffic systems in road industry.

Decissive parameter of the road network development is the traffic density passing through the journey section. In nationwide surveys the traffic density is specified as an annual average of the daily traffic in real vehicles.

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Updated: 20.12.2018

Published: 27.11.2008



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