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Pictograms for traffic signs IS23A, IS23B, IS24

The pictograms are used on the traffic signs IS23a, IS23b, IS24 and must be not used at the traffic signs DZ IS11
excluding those as per the Article 6.1 of Technological conditions (TP) 086 – Marking of the cultural destinations and attractions on the land routes.

Cultural destinations and tourist attractions

Pictogram Cultural destinations and tourist attractions
4a  archeological site, hill-fort 4n1 4n2 museum, museum in the nature
4b commemorative cemetery 4o
folk architecture
(museum of folk architecture, folk architecture reservation)
4c monument, memorial

modern architecture landmark
4d religious memorial (chapel, calvary, church, monastery, bell tower etc.) 4q1 4q2 technological landmark (historic mining railway, bridge etc.)

4e Jewish culture memorial (synagogue, cemetery) 4q3 4q4
4f castle, chateau 4r1

natural or landscape landmark
(river spring, mountain park (geopark)
4g mannor house, mansion 4r2 4r3
4h fort

observation tower
4i ruin 4t
4j historic site, protected area

ZOO (animal can be used for specified ZOO)
4k historic park, garden and arboretum

Important site *
(observarory, geyser, mausoleum, library, theatre)
4l spa 4w
UNESCO location
 4m gallery  4x rafts

* important sites or objects which do not fall to any of the above cathegories

Published: 9.10.2017




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