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Road marking

Transport engineering department in terms of „road marking“ provides:
  • road marking control on roads in Slovak Republic under SSC administration, the I.class roads marked 1 – 99, the purpose of the control is the documentation of defects in road marking in terms of comprehension, completeness, quality and detected defects should be reported to respective district administrators of the I.class roads with request to remedy. Detected defects are sent to KDI KR PZ and District Administration – CD and PK department to take note
  • responses to observations of citizens about missing, incomprehensible road marking and the suggestions for the imrovement addresses to respective I.class road administrators for solving.


Performed controls – detections and suggestions to take measures:





  • Road network in Bratislava, Trnava self-governing region [PDF, 212 kB] (Príloha 1)
  • Control on DZ I.class roads in 2007 (BA, TT a NR self-governing region) [PDF, 231 kB] (Príloha 2)


Updated: 12.4.2017

Published: 27.11.2008



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