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Statistical overview

SSC through a contractor provides official measurements of axle load and total weight of the vehicle and vehicle combinations on the I. class routes. Three mobile stations inland and built-in stations in Krajná Poľana, Banská Bystrica, Uľanka a Vyšné Nemecké provide the measurements.

The official measurements prove that carriers permanently exceed the authorized limits and cause considerable damage to the road network under the Slovak Road Network administration. Such damage has serious impact on excessive wear and tear of the paved roads, their shorter lifetime, interoperability and threaten safety on roads.

The controls have shown that the weight-in of vehicles and vehicle combinations comes to awareness of the carriers and the % of overburdened trucks might fall in the near future.

Fine charged by the Police and realistic tolls contribute to higher respect of road legislation and so increased safety on roads.


Updated: 22.1.2020

Published: 19.1.2011



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