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Nationwide traffic census in 2005

National traffic census (CSD) was realized within the European traffic census in 2005 organized by the European Economic Commission at the United Nations Organization in Geneva. Slovak republic agrees with the fulfilment of the no. 254 resolution declared by the Committee for inland traffic EEA UNO about the traffic census and inventory of standards and parametres on main routes with international traffic in Europe („E“ routes). National traffic census has been realized on the Slovak territory since 1963, since 1980 in every 5 years based on unified methodology and unified dates and unified census stations to:

  • prove development of car traffic intensity
  • obtain data for traffic census on European road network
  • obtain the scope of traffic intensity on road network
  • obtain data for investment strategy in traffic projects

Definition of the scope of nationwide traffic census

In 2005 the census was realized on 2 650 census stations by 4 480 counters in total.

National traffic census was realized in 10 scheduled dates on census stations of the road network between April until October 2005 during 7 workdays and 3 Sundays in summer and in 4 hours long periods. Selected stations counted in 16 hours long periods between 5am and 9pm or continuously by automated counters.

Nationwide traffic census was realized on:

20. April 2005 Wednesday 07 - 11 h
19. May 2005 Thursday 13 - 17 h
17. June 2005 Friday 14 - 18 h
26. June 2005 Sunday 16 - 20 h
17. July 2005 Sunday 16 - 20 h
27. July 2005 Wednesday 07 - 11 h
11. August 2005 Thursday 13 - 17 h
21. August 2005 Sunday 16 - 20 h
23. September 2005 Friday 14 - 18 h
19. October 2005 Wednesday 07 - 11 h

Census organization

National traffic census on the road network of the Slovak republic in 2005 was declared by the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunication of SR.

The authority for national cenus, definition of the scope of census, issuing methodology, organization of census and results analysis is:
Slovak Road Administration
Slovenská správa ciest Bratislava
Miletičova 19
826 19 Bratislava

The census was realized by by Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s., Slovenská správa ciest, self-governing regions - VÚC, Magistrate of Bratislavy a Magistrate of Košice together with respective regional and district administrators of the road and land routes network.

Results of national traffic census

The results of census in 2005 are summarized in a table and graphic form by self-governing regions with the intensity of the road network for each self-governing region and selected towns.

Updated: 17.5.2016

Published: 27.11.2008



  • Ministerstvo dopravy, výstavby a regionálneho rozvoja SR
  • Národná diaľničná spoločnosť