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Nationwide traffic census in 2000

National traffic census has been realized in Slovakia since 1959, and since 1980 every 5 years, in years ending by „0“ or „5“. The results are used in the national economy statistical overview and demographic census and the European traffic census by EEC.
The traffic census methodology agrees with the specification in No. 242 resolution and UN/ECE TRANS/WP.6/12 document. The main objective of the census based on unified methodology is to:

  • determine the development of the car traffic intensity,
  • determine the development of the car transportation intensity,
  • obtain the data for traffic census on the European road network (E a TEM),
  • determine the scope of the traffic intensity on motorways and road network in SR,
  • determine the information on the car transportation direction in SR,
  • determine the information on the relation between car transportation to selected settlements with over 5000 inhabitants on „E“ routes network,
  • determine the data for investment strategy based on analysed trends of expected development of traffic intensity with environmental impact and casualty.

Census was realized by SSC emplyees on regional and district roads in the Maintenance and administration centres (SaÚ), Investment departments on roads and motorways in rural areas and in urban areas by local authorities. Nationwide census in 2000 was realized in combination of two traffic reasearches:
  • profile research determined to real number of vehicles on road profile in composition of traffic flow in relation to the required technological parametres for roads,
  • direction research of the traffic focused on the relation to the population of SR and relation of the international traffic to SR territory.


Traffic strategy and technological development department, Transport engineering department


Ing. Vladimír Maštena (02/ 502 55 528) e-mail:
Ing. Alžbeta Horská (02/502 55 387) e-mail:
Ing. Tatiana Jungová (02/502 55 502) e-mail:

Traffic analysis and modeling department


Ing. Vladimír Maštena (02/ 502 55 528) e-mail:
Dr. Ing. Peter Schlosser (02/502 55 533) e-mail:
Ing. Drahomíra Mališová (02/502 55 532) e-mail:


Updated: 16.5.2016

Published: 27.11.2008



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