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Nationwide traffic census in 2010

National traffic census in Slovak republic was realized within the European census in 2010 (2010 E-Road Traffic Census), organized by European Economic Commission at the United Nations in Geneva and international organization EUROSTAT in Brusel.

The main objectives of the national traffic census were:

  • to verify prospected development of car transportation intensity,
  • obtain data on the traffic intensity on the European road network,
  • obtain information on the traffic intensity on motorways and express roads,
  • obtain information on the traffic intensity on road network,
  • obtain documentation for investment intentions coordination,
  • obtain documentation for planning activities
  • ensure comparability of the road transport census results from 2010 with the results from 2005.

National traffic census in Slovak Republic has been carried out since 1963 and on regular basis every five years since 1980. In 2010 the census was carried out ten times in 4 hours long intervals on each of 2660 stations following the census schedule.

National traffic census results

The results of the national traffic census are processed in a table and graphic form for each self-governing region. The graphic form (map) describes the intensity of the road network in summary and with the option to switch to different level for passenger cars and cargo for each town. Warning!!! Results are readible only if one type of car level is switched on.

National traffic census was analysed and processed pursuant the European Economic Commission standards.

Each map provides a legend for better understanding, in graphic form separate data for passenger cars or cargo or total can be selected by a user. Census section marked by DDP requires supplementary transport engineering reasearch.

Updated: 16.5.2016

Published: 11.2.2010



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