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Scheme of decission making process for bridge repair

Bridge management is a systematic activity of road owners/administrators who manage hundreds of road bridges. The management processes of bridges different in size, material, shape, size must be optimized to prioritize the most urgent repairs. Bridge rehabilitation may be a repair, reconstruction, complete refurbishment. Standardized inputs in diagnostics of the construction inable comparisson of awarded parametres. The urgency of interference is evaluated in the comparisson with residual lifespan (value) of the construction.

SSC is authorised to manage and provide development for Bridge Management System (SHM). It elaborates unified methodology for bridge inspection and provides its use by all road owners and administrators. It also organizes and promotes appropriate awareness of technological conditions by keeping register of basic technological data, outcomes of revisions and related documentation as a basis for the decission making in administration, planning of maintenance and repair of bridges.


SHM - schéma 


Updated: 24.11.2016

Published: 4.10.2016



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