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Workshops, trainings, professional events


Slovak Road Administration provides bridge management system development (SHM), ensures SHM software functionality and development, creates unified methodology for bridge object revision on road network within maintenance and methodological organization of SHM and provides its use by all owners and authorized administrators of land routes, methodically conducts, organizes common and major revisions and bridge diagnostics.

Administrators at the workshops and trainings obtain uptodate information on latest regulation, duties related to the land routes administration focused on bridge inspection and register keeping. Bridge management workshops used to be organized together with road management workshops. In recent years, the road and bridge management is included in the workshops for the road databank administrators.


The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional development of SR as the central authority of the state administration for land routes as per the Act No.135/1991 on land routes as amended and in accordance with respective technological conditions of the department delegates Slovak Road Administration, National Motorway Company and Self-governed regions to exercise major and exceptional bridge revisions on road network.

Slovak Road Administration is obliged to provide specialized training to the workers responsible for major and exceptional revisions of the bridges who have proper training, required education and professional experience. The workers after successful training are certified to perform in person major and exceptional revisions of the bridges on behalf of the administrator or owner who nominated them.

Updated: 11.3.2019

Published: 6.10.2016



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