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Result exploitation 2000

National Traffic Census CSD is used mainly for:

The Department of transport and State Road Administration

  • for the preparation of investment and non-investment projects, repairs, motorway and road network maintenance based on effectivity and objectivity,
  • for the definition of functional organization, classification and efficiency of road and motorway network,
  • for projection, planning and setting trends in road network development,
  • taking measures for the elimination of expected consequnces of automotive transportation to the environment and traffic safety.

Department of Environment, Interior and Construction administration in regions and districts
  • to prepare urban projects, transport solutions in municipial and residential zones (bypass, deviation etc.) as basic information for transport-engineering documentation
  • as base case for the transport service equipment construction and related facilities (motorest, petrol stations etc.)
  • as base case for the development trends in transportation and its consequences for national economy, urbanization, environment etc.

Project engineers and businessmen in transportation and transport facilities for motorists.


Updated: 16.5.2016

Published: 27.11.2008



  • Ministerstvo dopravy, výstavby a regionálneho rozvoja SR
  • Národná diaľničná spoločnosť