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SHV activities

Road and highway pavement are the most important parts of roads for the surface condition, evenness and skidd resistance and operational performance have direct impact on the safety and fluency of the traffic. Effective use of roads at the requested technological level and minimizing expenses for their maintenance is provided by the system of road management (SHV).

Basic and inevitable conditions for proper SHV functioning is precise localization of point and line elements on the road which is provided by the node positioning system (ULS). Based on precise localization of evaluated section in ULS the data of any parameter required for analysis can be obtained.

The system of road management network has two levels:
- project level
- road network level

The activities related to SHV management consist from data collection of variable technological parametres, transport-engineering and economic data, analysis and the order of importance of road section repair. These activities are provided by SSC Road management department in coordination with other departments and organizations. The performance of activities is influenced by the efficience of technological equipment for road diagnostics and work progress is based on priority decission making programme where the priority depends on the fact that the economic benefit from repaired road should outweight its repair cost.

For further improvement of decission making on funds transfered to road construction sections an optimalization programme should be involved in the process. The expected outcome should be: optimized time (year) of road repair with minimized road repair cost and maximized road repair benefit.

Scheme of decission making process for repair road work – based on the degree of priority

Schéma rozhodovacieho procesu pri návrhu poradia stavieb na rehabilitáciu



Updated: 6.10.2016

Published: 4.10.2016



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