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Scope of the internal control department in the establishment plan of SSC

  • Is part of the organization of the Internal Management Department of SSC
  • is part od the internal control system of SSC and ensures its shaping
  • coordinates, ensures and manages internal control activity in the organization which is defined in the directions:
-    Act no.10/1996 Z.z. on the control in State Administration as amended,
-    Act no.357/2015 on financial control and audit and on amendment of certain acts as amended under conditions of SSC,

-    secures compliance of acts, relevant legal regulations and internal norms,

  • accepts, registers, investigates and resolves complaints and petitions related to SSC and its organizational departments (Road investment development and administration in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Košice) which ensure preparation and realization of the construction and administration and operation of the 1st class roads managed by SSC,

  • keeps a register of the complaints as per Act no 9/2010 Z.z. on complaints as amended (hereinafter Act on Complaints) and central register of petitions,

  • develops a plan of its own control procedure and coordinates plans of control at the other organizational departments, evaluates its implementation and provides exceptional checks required by GD



Updated: 27.7.2018

Published: 4.6.2010



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