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How to lodge an application, suggestion and complaint

Complaints, applications, suggestions and other are lodged as follows:

  • in written form send and address to:

Slovak Road Administration

Miletičova 19

P.O.BOX 19

826 19 Bratislava

  • in written electronic form – a complaint in electronic form must be authorized by complainant according to special regulation as per § 23 ods. 1 zákona č. 305/2013 Z.z. on electronic form of enforcement of public authorities and on amendments (Act on e-Government) as per Act no. 273/2015 Z.z. (authorization is a qualified electronic signature, or intended function of the access point information system, or approved form of authorization), this does not apply if complaint was sent through access point, which requires successful identification (identity check) of complainant.


E-filling can be filled at portal

Login with ID card with chip, so called eID card (electronic identification card) with an advanced electronic signature.

If complaint lodged in an electronic form is not authorized according to special regulation nor sent at access point which requires successful authentification of complainant, the complainant must confirm his complaint in five days after the lodging by a hand-written signature, authorization, or sending the complaint at access point which requires successful authentification of the complainant, otherwise the Internal Control Department will postpone the complaint.

  • • In person in letter form to the SSC filling department in office hours 8am – 3pm. If complainant presents at the Internal Control Department or any other SSC organization department to lodge complaint in person, which is not prepared in a written form, an SSC emploee will take a complainant in and gives him opportunity to proceed the complaint in a written form. If healh condition of such complainant who came to SSC in person does not allow him to process a written form of a complaint, an SSC employee from Internal Control Department or any other department will proceed the complaint.

The complaint must include name, surname, permanent address of a complainant. In case a legal person lodges the complaint, its address and seat, name and surname of executive director must be included. A complaint in a written form must include a hand-written signature. If a complainant can lodge documents in accordance with the Act on complaints in electronic form, this complaint may include the address of complainant for such delivery.


Updated: 27.7.2018

Published: 4.6.2010



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