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Measurement process

Selective weight-in by built-in scales:

Built-in scales in pavement weigh the vehicle/vehicle combinations (axle pressure, maximum weight). The scales are dynamic – the vehicle is weighed whilst in motion without speed limitation. The overburdened vehicle is diverted by traffic signs to a special area where the official weigh-in is assisted by the Police on the stable dynamic scales of better accuracy class. If the overburden is proved, the following steps are taken.

Measurement by portable axial scale:

The members by the Slovak Police Force:

  • stop vehicles, guide vehicles to measuring station,
  • request documents obligatory for vehicle control and manoeuvring and for passenger transport and cargo,
  • perform other tasks related to the policeman supervising traffic safety and fluidity as per the Act 8/2009 on road traffic as amended.
Scale operators:
  • are marked by sleeve stripe or label asigned with „Vehicle measurement“ and upon request they identify themselves by „Weigh-in certificate“ issued as per the Act No.142/2000 on metrology,
  • upon driver‘s request are obliged to prove valid certificate of scales corectness,
  • provide scales maintenance and operation, guide vehicles to the scales and ensure weight-in measurement,
  • provide vehicle measurement documentation and provide announcements on overburdened and oversized transportation on required forms and by required procedures,
  • upon driver’s request are obliged to repeat the measurement and the document considered valid is the one in favor of the carrier,
  • organizes and coordinates measurement process,
  • ensures measurement conditions,
  • all exceeded authorized limits based on official measurements announces and forwards related documentation to the respective road administration department in whose region the unauthorized transport was detected.
Road administration authority:
  • In the administrative decision-making process it charges additional fee for unauthorized overburdened transportation.


Updated: 27.1.2011 

Published: 15.2.2010



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