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Connecting elements in basic traffic network: Rhine - Danube corridor
 Crossborder bridge Komárom – Komárno (Inland waterway project)
Recipient: Ministry of National Development, Hungary(coordinator)
Ministry of traffic and development of Slovak republic
Implementation subjects of recipients: Nemzeti infrastructure Fejleztö, Zrc. (delegated by Hungarian  ministry)
Slovak Road Administration (delegated by  Slovak ministry)
Project realization location: Komárno (SR), Komárom (HU)
Project beginning - ending: 2014 - 2019

Total project cost / max contribution of EU

117 726 283 € / 100 067 340,55 €
Objective: The support of the development and modernization of the Rhine - Danube corridor via the connection between the Hungarian port Komárom and the Slovak port Komárno.

Project description:

The road traffic connection between the Slovak town Komarno and Hungarian town Komárom is provided by over one hundred years old bridge of Elisabeth with limited capacity of 20t.

The construction of a new road bridge across Danube between Komarno and Komarom is co-financed (85%) by Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).


The construction consists of three parts:

1.    Access road on Hungarian riverbank  – (15% co-financed by Hungarian partner)

2.    Bridge (15% co-financed by CEF and  50% - 50% Slovak and Hungarian partner)

3.    Access road on Slovak riverbank (15% co-financed by Slovak partner)


Basic construction data:

The suggested bridge between Komarno and Komarom should cross a section of the road connecting the main road no 1 on Hungarian side with the state road I/63 on Slovak side.
The lengths of each projected road sections are:
  • from the main road to the bridge across Danube – 1158 m
  • the Danube bridge - 600 m
  • od mosta cez Dunaj po štátnu cestu I/63 - 646 m

from the Danube bridge to the state road I/63 - 646 m

The projected  bridge should be located in 170m distance from a railway bridge (upstream) and 2,8 km from the Elisabeth bridge.

The bridge with two lanes and the road width of 11,5 m between crash barriers (driving lanes 2 x 3,75 m + 2 x 2,2 m safety lanes), C 11,5/80. The upstream side with a pedestrian pavement with two lanes - each 1,8 m wide, the downstream side with cycle path with two lanes - each 2,5m wide.

The bridge made of steel (construction height 2,869 m) with the height of 23,608 m consists of five fields (span 66 + 252 + 120 +96 + 66 m), three of them over the river basin and two in flood plain area on the Slovak riverbank.

The main central spans bridged by a hanging support structure with one pylon has continuous beams on both ends on the river banks. The span of the main field with a navigation opening is  252 m. 

Shipping gabarit is 190,92 m x 10,00 m. The asymmetric steel pylon stands on the upstream side and leans over the bridge in transverse orientation. Its height above the measurement point and highest cable is 90,488 m. the bridge has limited height 4,8m of the crossing passage.


The project in the media:

VIDEO: The construction of a new access road to a new bridge has started in Komarno 26.10.2016

The tender for the bridge between Komarno and Komarom started 28.9.2016

Asymmetric bridge between Komarno and Komarom to be constructed 30.7.2016

A new bridge between Komarno and Komarom to be constructed in two years 29.2.2016

Video [MP4, 67 MB]


SSC about he project:

Hydroisolation of the bridges, tunnels and other engineering constructions (25. Annual conference, Vysoké Tatry, Podbanské 29.11. – 01.12.2017)

Ing. Peter Pšenek, “The hydroisolation of the new road bridge across Danube between the towns of Komárno and Komárom“ [552,93 kB]

Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom
Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom
Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom Most Komárno-Komárom

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Published: 13.6.2017



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